Truck simulator

In this project I use ODE to create the physics for a truck. You can drive the truck around the course, jumping etc. When rendering the rim I use the Ward anisotropic lighting model to simulate brushed aluminium. I also use my cloth simulator to create the sheet at the back of car.
(This project is not finished, I hope I will have time to get back to it after I finish my Master's Thesis.)

truck1_small.JPG truck2_small.JPG truck3_small.JPG truck4_small.JPG


A Tetris clone.
(This project is not finished, I hope I will have time to get back to it after I finish my Master's Thesis.)

tetris1_small.JPG tetris2_small.JPG tetris3_small.JPG

Cook-Torrance lighting

This is a school project in which I looked at the evolution of shaders. I also use vertex and pixel shaders to implement an advanced local reflection model (Cook-Torrance). I wrote two papers for this project and they can be found here (they are written in Swedish):

On this page you can also find the source code and videos for the project:

cook1_small.JPG cook2_small.JPG cook5_small.JPG cook3_small.JPG cook4_small.JPG


Ok so I found this really cool (and open source) physics engine: Open Dynamics Engine (ODE). In this project you can go around shooting spheres in the scene, watching the physics behave correctly. I also added the water from the water-project below, enhanced with a normalmapped surface.
If you would like to know more about the physics engine check this page out:

shooter1_small.JPG shooter2_small.JPG

Glass and reflections

A friend of mine sent over an unfinished car-modelling project. I used his car model in this garage scene. The surface of the car reflects its environment. The car itself sits on a normalmapped reflective and rotating podium. In the background there is also a glass object reflecting and refracting its environment.

car1_small.JPG car2_small.JPG car3_small.JPG


A fantasy island surrounded by water! The water has moving waves, reflection, refraction and the water itself absorbs light that colors or hides objects in the water.

water1_small.JPG water2_small.JPG water3_small.JPG water4_small.JPG

Bloom effect

In this project I just play around a bit with lights of different intensities, where the sunlight have much higher intensity then the indoor light. It also uses a shader that crates a bloom effect by blurring the brightest parts of the scene.


Cloth simulation

A couple of day ago we talked about particles in school. Now particles are really cool, especially when combined with each other through different functions. For this project I set up a grid of particles and combined them with springs. This makes the grid of particles behave like a piece of cloth. Here are some images from my cloth simulation program.
Me and a classmate of mine also started on a project where we will simulate a school of fish using particles, I'll give you an update on that later on.

cloth1_small.JPG cloth2_small.JPG cloth3_small.JPG cloth4_small.JPG

Cube map light

A while ago I saw a demo from the Unreal 3 engine. In one scene they had a mosaic like light source that looked really cool. This is my take on making suck a light source. The scene consists of a moving and rotating light source, textured with a cube map. The cube map is also used to modulate the color of the light spread in the different directions.

cubemap1_small.JPG cubemap2_small.JPG cubemap3_small.JPG